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1st January 2014

why seinternacional?

The Origins…

Seinternacional SA – SEI, meaning ‘To Know’ arises out of a school’s need for out of country services and purchases.

The founders of SEI have 18 years experience in running school’s in a sub-developed country and ‘Know’ the difficulties in doing so.

We will procure any item that you need with the understanding of a school’s requirements.

We will provide any service that you need based on knowledge acquired from operating an educational institution.

We will place a 10% mark-up on goods purchased and the same fee on out-sourced services provided.

On this site you will see some of our suppliers which we hope to add too shortly with new orders.

What Type of Services

Recruitment especially of teachers from Portugal. Through the crises in this country many teachers are out of work and have in general a good knowledge of the English language. In international schools specialist subjects are usually given by non-native speakers which adds to the globalization so much encouraged.

Travel & Visas are such a great part of the logistics in an international school that SEI has setup its own travel agency, SEI TRAVEL, and hopes to extend this service to many international school’s because we ‘Know’ the the importance of having teachers leave for their holiday on specific dates and arrive back at school timeously.

Educational and School Supplies - we ‘Know’ how difficult it is to get supplies to school’s in remote countries. We also ‘Know’ that sometimes for a teacher to do a specific project it would be wonderful to have the supplies. No order is too big or too small for SEI. We will get your orders to you depending on urgency as fast as we can  using shipping, air cargo, DHL/FEDEX, etc.

Educational Development  or development for support staff. Identifying the areas where help is needed and finding the suitable consultants is something that we have experience in.

Specialised Services in I.T., Maintenance and Acquisition of Large and Small machinery. Send us your problem and we will get the professionals to look into it.

And anything else you may think of, we will endeavor to provide!


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